Behind and Beyond the 10 Successful Years

In mid May 1999 E.C, ten founding members, giving bone and flesh to the seminal nuclei of Aniley Amentie, heralded the birth of a new born baby by the initial name “Education Expertise Center: EEC”at the Ethiopia Hotel in Addis Ababa. As a matter of chance I was appointed to be the first God father (board chairperson) of this promising infant. Since that date on, unlike the other equals, the viable and vibrant creature , withstanding all the odds, demonstrated quite unique quantum leaps and quality yields characterized by fast crawling and walk-up high; firm stride and speedy growth to the level it gripped now. So what is the secret behind this “big talk on success” of DEC’s life worth big lessons? From my personal observations and triangulations, for DEC, I argue the proper recipe of the three generic “Ls” to be the core engine gears and the right accelerators toward the marked success we observed today.

The success DEC registered so far came from nothing but the result of a true sense of courage, shared responsibility and sacrifice reflected by practical learning to deliver more! Accordingly, I argue: Learn to lead better, Learn to Link Programmes and Learn to Excel in context to be the three core engine gears beneath the dash board. First and foremost, since its inception, the Leadership that DEC cherished has made and is making the difference! For the last ten years, with charismatic grace in style and durable friendly spirit, the organisational leadership has consistently demonstrated insightful analysis and innovative actions towards making a meaningful and value adding difference within and across the programme pillars. The right accelerators, in my view includes but not limited to the focus on core programmes to benefit the end users, healthy and timely organizational response to the changing dynamics ( social, political , economic etc) and vigilant staff who regularly dedicated to deliver more. In this regard, DEC throughout its journey is a learning organization, brave to welcome different views and ideas to the table, fight and cross fertilise toward better results within context. DEC is a viable on job training institute that favours workers to open their eyes - look beyond the walls and proudly walk to the labour market with confidence and competence. Bravo DEC.

With this in mind I the proud member of this iconic organization, while witnessing the remarkable decade old journey; also put my aspirations for the coming years. DEC, beyond the existing course, can place itself to be an innovative laboratory and centre of excellence on doing things differently through building creative leadership and active learning communities who beyond the obvious strive to transform community development actions. Furthermore, DEC can serve as a practical learning and knowledge clinic for its members, supporters and the community at large through dealing diverse development transactions toward sound and sustainable transformation of the people.


Samuel Asnake Wolle

 Member of General Assembly

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